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Family Tree

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Olivia's Family Tree

Esiquiel L. Arias
  m. Mary Louise Negrete

    c. Ronald/Peter*
    c. Olivia Trinidad
      m. George Harrison
        c. Dhani

           m. Solveig Karadottir
    c. Linda Louise

     m. Carl Roles 

       c. Peter B.

    m. ?

   c. Gilbert Louis

    m. ?

      c. Kai

      c. Jesse

   c. Christina M.

    m. Robert Ernst

      c. Anthony


George's Family Trees
Edward Harrison
  m. Elizabeth Hargreaves
    c. Henry
      m. Jane Thompson
        c. Harold Hargreaves Harrison
          m. Louise Anne French
            c. Louise
              m. Gordon Caldwell
                c. Gordon, Jr.
                  m. Carol
                     c. Robert
               c. Leslie Louise
                 m. ?
                    c. Troy
         c. Harold James
           m. Irene McCann
              c. Paul
              c. Irene
        c. Peter Henry
          m. Pauline Johnson

             c. Ian

             c. Linda

             c. Mark

       c. George

         m. Patricia Ann Boyd
         m. Olivia Trinidad Arias
           c. Dhani

              m. Solveig Karadottir

James Darby French
  m. Ellen Whelan
    c. John
      m. Louise Woollam
        c. Louise Anne

*I have read that Olivia has an older brother named either Ronald (Ronnie) or Peter. I don't know if it's Ronald Peter, or Peter Ronald, or if they are two different names or what? It is either or. If you do know, please email me.