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By "The Beatles Diary Volume 2: After the Break-Up 1970-2001" by Keith Badman
*Some of the contents is gruesome and tragic- not meant for children to read!*


I feared my husband and I were going to die...We had gone to bed after 2 AM after watching a film on TV. I was awoken in my bedroom by the loudest crash of glass imaginable. After I roused my husband, I tried to summon help on the telephone while George put on a coat over his pajamas and went in search of the intruder.

I heard Abram screaming at the top of his lungs. He was demanding that my husband 'get down here'

Moments later, the two men were grappling with each other on the balcony that runs around the first floor of the house.

They were jabbing at each other, but my husband was just being backed up and backed up. H was trying to grab the man's wrists. I saw my husband looking very pale. He was staring at me in a very bizarre manner. I have never seen him look that way. I just raised my hand and hit the man on the back of the head as hard as I could

The next thing I knew, I was knocked backwards. The man was up against the wall and I was on my hands and knees at his feet. I reached up and tried to grab his testicles, but I just felt a lot of fabric. I ran from the room and that's when he came after me. I felt Abram's hand on the back of my neck. Seconds later, the two of us fell to the floor as George jumped on Abram's back. I landed on cushions used for meditation and crawled away. The men carried on fighting

There was blood on the walls, blood on the carpet. This was the moment I realized we were going to be murdered, that this man was succeeding in murdering us and there was no one else there to help. I turned around and grabbed a lamp, tore the shade off and brought it down on the man's head. I struck the intruder as hard as I could, as many times I could.

I heard my husband saying, "I've got the knife. I've got the knife." then I saw it lying between them. I hit Abram two or three times. He seemed to slump. I said to him, "Stop", because I didn't want to hit him anymore. He was very bloody, my husband was hurt and I was exhausted. My husband said, "Don't stop, hit him harder."

George was very weak and tried to throw the knife across the room but as he raised his arm, it fell behind him on to a cushion.

I then found myself in a tug-of-war with Abram, each of us pulling on the flex. It was then that Abram grabbed the flex of the lamp and began menacingly wrapping the cord around his hands. I thought he was going to stangle me. He whipped me with the cord on my head.

Eventually I flung the lamp at him and ran out of the room. I had a big gash in my head and numerous bruises on my legs...My husband was fading away. I had to leave my husband there because I couldn't do any more. As I reached the last section of the stairs, I realized he wasn't following me anymore. I thought he'd gone back to inflict more harm on my husband. At that point, the police came in.

The Latest News: Michael Abram was found not guilty and was transferred to a mental institution. In 2002, Michael Abram was released to make a fresh start and has released a statement with an apology to the Harrisons. Olivia had, in turn, released her own statement in anger...