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My name is Jeannette and I have been the webmistress of Mexican Beauty: Olivia Harrison since 2001. I have received lots of help with this site and without them, this site wouldn't be as fulfilling.


Thank You to...

Mom- Got to thank her first! She's the one who instill the Beatles into my mind, although I'm sure she sometimes regret it as I indulged deeper into her belongings without being asked but I can't help it!

Heloisa- You are my "site sister", you are the Mrs. Stanley to my Mrs. Sixx, I've always enjoy our emails and chats, mail packages and holiday cards- you are a great friend to have and I'm glad to have you!

Senti- You literally piled all the amazing Olivia information in my inbox in no time once I made the decision to create a site for her! You are the Beatle-girl encyclopedia

Lynn- If Senti is the Beatle-girl encyclopedia, then Lynn is the Beatle-girl Bible! You have such an amazing and delicious collection that I really want to come over to your house and see what more treasures that you have in person! You are the Goddess of all and we are all lucky to have you in our World!

Carlos- It's a shame that we no longer correspond, especially since Olivia and Barbara are great friends, however I can never forget your support in the beginning

Cindy- my spell checker- this woman checks everything and makes sure I have the spelling and grammar correct! She also helps me out with decisions of how should I do this and gives me encouragement to go-ahead for the best.

Vio- I'm looking at you as my little "web sister"! Thank you for your support, your contributions. They are always greatly appreciated!

Di- who never without a doubt wouldn't hestitate to make sure I got something wrong into a right. She is a Harrison fan who doesn't miss a mistake!

Debbie- I want to thank for your support since the beginning and you've always helped out whenever possible and I deeply appreciate it as well.

...and to those who I have forgotten to name in person yet has helped me with this site over the years, I'm sorry to not mention you however I am eternity blessed with your help!
Andrea- for your very useful information on your wonderful George Harrison tumblr blog, That Eventually



*I do not mind if you use any photos or information for your own; there's only very few things I ask for: credit (a link of my sites on your site would be enough and to alert me if you will be using the photo; of course, if I don't have your site in my Links page, I would be very much happy to add you on)
and I hope you use the information in "your" style then in "my" style- meaning do not use my word-for-word, use your own- however you create your site's page of putting pictures and information up.
I really didn't think anything about it until I saw one site that had the exact same layout, pictures, and information as one of my sites and I wasn't pleased, so that's why I'm asking for anyone to use the information into your own.
*Photos and Information are passed around from the press and the web- common knowledge. I don't "own" the photos- if they are published publicly, then I believe that they are "our" photos, but since there was some effort in saving and scanning the photos, it's always nice to be acknowleged and asked.
*I do not have any contact with the Beatles, Apple Records, Sony, or their relatives. I do not have their emails or any contact information that I can pass along.


*Of course, I welcome any donation of photographs and information to be included into the site! Anywhere of the site that you may have to add on there, you may contact me. 


Contacting Me


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(please send a message telling me who you are in Myspace and Facebook, I'm very skeptical and a bit protective of my friends list)


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