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1982- George Harrison Exploring Australia Incognito

2001- Working Class Mexican Who Shared His Beliefs

2002- George Left His Wife More Than Riches
Harrison 'accept he was dying'
2005- I Will Miss Him Until My Dying Day
2007- George Harrison's Haven

2008- Magical Mystery Tour: Friar Park

2009- Appreciating George and Gardening

2009- Harrison's Widow Still Loves to Hear His Voice

2010- Scorsese Does George Harrison Doc

2011- Olivia Harrison visits UNICEF projects in Bangladesh

2011- Speaking for the Quiet Beatle: Olivia Harrison Discusses the George Harrison Film

2012- George Harrison's Wife and Giles Martin Discuss Scorsese Documentary, Bob Dylan and Being 'Stifled' by the Beatles

2012- 'Material World' reveals much about Beatle


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2003- Carl Roles

2004- Dr. Gilbert Lederman

2005- Concert for Bangladesh

2006- Pattie Boyd

2006- The Beatles Love

2008- From Life to Life: Garden for George

2009- Hollywood Walk of Fame

2009- The Beatles Rock Band

2011- Living in the Material World: George Harrison

2012- Primetime Creative Arts Emmy Awards

2012- Ravi Shankar's Memorial Service

2013- George Harrison Memorial Garden



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A Few Words About George

Olivia's Introduction in "I Me Mine"
"A Concert for George" DVD Booklet

George Harrison: The Dark Horse Years 1976-1992 Booklet

Still Living in the Material World



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Media Subject & Producer

1999- E! True Hollywood Story: Beatles Wives

2002- A Concert for George

2005- Concert for Bangladesh Revisited

2007- The True Story of the Traveling Wilburys

2007- Biography: Beatles Women

2009- Monty Python: Almost the Truth (Lawyer's Cut)

2011- Living in the Material World: George Harrison

2012- Mr. Blue Sky: The Story of Jeff Lynne & ELO



2011- Living in the Material World: George Harrison