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March 15, 2004; New York City, New York with Tom Petty and Jeff Lynne


Dhani-  Dad actually came back in 1987** from when he got the last one of these and, uh, I never told you this but I broke it. Uh, and I glued the bit back in but no one noticed.
Olivia- Thank you
Dhani- He made a great, oh well actually Mick [Jagger] made a great speech in '87** where he referred to the Beatles as the four headed monster when they were all inducted and he told me lots of great stories about my dad that night and I would just like to say thanks to all of his mates, you know, who he loved to see, all the guys for coming and playing and to the hall of fame for having him in again and, yeah, to everyone who's ever liked his music. Good on you. Cheers. (Applause)
Olivia- There I go again. I could talk about George, you know, forever, but I won't. There was a quote by an Indian poet that George read to me one day. He said, "Bless tis he who's fame does not out-shine his truth." Here we are in the hall of fame. But the inductees are not chosen because of their fame but because they've expressed their truth through their music. George said that he tried to write songs that would still mean something years from now and I think it's safe to say that in spite of his in mince fame his truth will never be out-shine or forgotten. (Applause) Good. If he were here, you know, he would have a good kick of tonight he would want to see everybody and party. But there would probably be a lot of people he would thank and if you think of the span of his entire career there'd just be so many people in this room tonight that he may want to mention, but I'm going to mention one in this room that George knew the longest in his life that he met behind the air raids shelter when he was sneaking off to have his ciggie in school and someone who looked after him and all of them from the time they were 13 to, for George the end of his life, and that's the mysterious Neil Aspinall*. (Applause) Because, thank you Neil for holding it together for all these years because really the whole phenomenon might not have happened or stayed together as long as it did without him and he helped us, he helped his family and George loved him dearly and many of you as well. So thank you very much and let George's music speak for itself

Webmistress's note
*Neil Aspinall was the Beatles' road manager and ran the Beatles' Apple company until 2008
**Correction: The Beatles were actually inducted into the Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame in 1988