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May 18- Olivia Trinidad Arias was born in Los Angeles, California to Zeke and Mary Louise Arias

-Olivia attended Hawthorne High School and went to college. During and after college, Olivia worked as a secretary
August 29, 1965- Olivia saw the Beatles in concert at the Hollywood Bowl
August 28, 1966- Olivia saw the Beatles in concert at Dodger Stadium

-Olivia traveled around Europe

1974 -George Harrison and Olivia met at a party for A&M Records in Los Angeles, California after speaking to each other over the phone many times.
November 2- December 20- Olivia accompanies George on his Dark Horse North American Tour
December 13- George, Olivia, Harry Harrison, Ravi Shankar, and Billy Preston visit United States President Gerald Ford for lunch at the White House in Washington D.C.
December 15- George and Olivia met up with John Lennon and May Pang at the Plaza Hotel, New York City, New York; Maureen Starkey joined them when she flew in from England
December 25- George and Olivia spend Christmas in Hawaii

March 24- Paul and Linda McCartney celebrated that end of recording sessions for "Venus and Mars" on the Queen Mary boat from Long Beach, California. George, Olivia, Heather, Mary, and Stella McCartney, Wings, Led Zeppelin, the Jackson 5, Faces, Micky Dolenz, Davy Jones, Joni Mitchell, Carole King, Marvin Gaye, Rudy Vallee, Phil Everly, Bob and Sarah Dylan, Ryan and Tatum O'Neal, Dean Martin, Tony Curtis, Paul Williams, Cher, David Cassidy, Peter Grant, Mal Evans, and Derek Taylor all attended July- George and Olivia attended the premiere of "Monty Python and the Holy Grail" in Hollywood, California
October 3- George, Olivia, Kumar (George's assistant), Eric Idle, and Michael Palin went out for dinner at the Pontevecchio.

January 27- George and Olivia attended the Midem Music Fair in Cannes, South of France
November 17- George and Olivia went for a dinner party at Chasen's on Hollywood Boulevard thrown by Warner Brothers to announce a worldwide distribution deal with Dark Horse Records
November 20- George performed on "Saturday Night Live" in New York City, New York with Paul Simon. Olivia attended and the after party

January- George and Olivia traveled to India to attend Ravi Shankar's niece's wedding. That same month, George and Olivia went to Mexico with her family.
February 6- George and Olivia traveled to Acapulco, Mexico for a press party and traveled to Los Angeles, California
June- George and Olivia attended the Monte Carlo rally with Ringo Starr and Nancy Andrews.
June 9- George’s divorce from Pattie Boyd Harrison was finalized. George and Pattie met on the set of ‘A Hard Day’s Night’ in 1964, getting married on January 21, 1966- they separated in 1974 with Pattie taking up with Eric Clapton, one of George’s closest friends.
June 28- George and Olivia attended a party at the Savoy Hotel in London, England for "Farewell from Britain" luncheon honoring Derek Taylor
November 5- George and Olivia arrived back to London from Los Angeles
December 17- George and Olivia traveled to Hawaii for Christmas

-Olivia announced that she was pregnant
April- George and Olivia attended the Grand Prix in Long Beach, California
April 4- George and Olivia arrived back in London, England
May- George and Olivia intended to marry, but George's father, Harry Harrison, died and the couple decided to cancel the wedding plans
June 2- George and Olivia traveled to Madrid, Spain
June 5- George and Olivia arrived back in London, England
August 1- Olivia gave birth to a son, Dhani, at Princess Christian Nursing Home in Berkshire, London, England.
August 25- George took Olivia to Amsterdam, Holland for her to recover from childbirth
September 2- George Harrison and Olivia Trinidad Arias were secretly married at the Henley-on-Thames Registry Office with only her parents and a few friends attending
September 7- George and Olivia announced that they were married and traveled to Tunisia for their honeymoon and for George to oversee the filming of "Life with Brian" with Monty Python
October 21- George and Olivia arrived in England

January 31- George, Olivia and Gary Wright went to the Brazilian Grand Prix in Rio, Brazil
February 8- George and Olivia traveled to Paris, France and then to London, England
May 19- George and Olivia attended Eric and Pattie Clapton's wedding reception. George joined Paul and Ringo on stage, jamming to old tunes- making the first "Beatles" reunion since their breakup in 1970
May 24- George and Olivia traveled to Monte Carlo
May 26- George and Olivia joined with Ringo at the Monaco Grand Prix
May 28- George and Olivia arrived in England
August 1- George, Olivia, and Dhani traveled to Athens, Greece; Dhani celebrates his first birthday
August 17- George, Olivia, and Dhani arrived in England
October 20- George and Olivia were spotted at Heathrow Airport
November 30- Michael Palin, John Cleese, Eric Idle, Derek and Joan Taylor, Terry and Maggie Gilliam went over to George and Olivia's Friar Park home for dinner
December 6- George and Olivia attended the Springfield Boys Club Christmas Show in Big Hill, London, England

Unknown dates
-Late 1970s- Jim Capaldi's party with George and Olivia, Eric and Pattie attending