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January- George and Olivia attended Graham Chapman's memorial service at St. Bartholomew's Hospital's Great Hall
February 5- George and Olivia went to the Caprice Restaurant
March 13- George and Olivia attended Michael Caine's Birthday party
April 9- Olivia gave her first interview in 15 years, talking about Romanian Angel Appeal, launched by Olivia, Barbara, Yoko Ono, and Linda
April 20- George and Olivia appear on Simon Bates' BBC Radio One program
June 20- George and Olivia were interviewed for the RAA documentary
June 22- Nobody's Child for Wogan was shown to help promote RAA
June 26- George and Olivia were interviewed by Robert Sandall
July 18- George, Olivia, Ringo and Barbara attended a party at Hyde Park Hotel in London, England to launch the RAA album
July 23- The Romanian Angel Appeal charity album was released
November 1- Olivia attended a party in London
November 28- George and Olivia attended Tiffany Picasso's party at Christie's in London, England
December 4- Olivia attended the opening of Tiffany & Company's store opening on Bond Street in London

November 28- Olivia and Dhani accompanied George to Japan for his joint tour with Eric Clapton
December 1-17- The Japanese tour starts
December 4- George, Olivia, and Dhani visit the Hankyu Department Store in Osaka
December 7- George, Olivia, and Dhani visit the Hiroshima Peace Park
December 8- George, Olivia, and Dhani visit Fukouka, Japan
December 16- George, Olivia, and Dhani visit Tokyo's International Market
December 18- After the tour ended, the Harrisons arrived back in England

June 15- George and Olivia attended the twenty-first Birthday party for A Hard Rock Cafe in London, England
October 14- George and Olivia travel to New York City, New York
October 20- George and Olivia returned to England

February 25- George celebrates his 50th birthday party at London's Town & Country Club in Kentish Town, London
June- George and Olivia hosted the 10th anniversary of Bhaktivedanta Manor at Friar Park, serving tea and vegetarian treats. Gurudas, Mukunda, and Shyamsundar attended. Olivia and Gurudas talked about spirituality, yoga, and the Romanian Angel Appeal.

May 6- Olivia was with Ringo and Barbara in San Lorenzo, Knightsbridge, England
December 12- Olivia attended a fashion show in London

July 15- George, Olivia, and Dhani attended the Ravi Shankar recital at the Barbican in London, England
July 19- George and Olivia attended a secret Rolling Stones gig at Brixton Academy. Later, George and Olivia visited Ronnie Wood at home
December- Olivia announced that the sum of proceeds of the Beatles Anthology is to be donated to the RAA

-Olivia appeared in the Beatles' "Real Love" music video, released on the Beatles Anthology
May 20- George and Olivia attended the Chelsea Flower Show
July 1- George and Olivia were guests of honor at a dinner at Bhatitivedanta manor held to celebrate ISKCONS victory in the battle to continue holding public worship at the temple and to build an access road through the back of the site
July 14- George and Olivia attended the British Grand Prix

March- George, Olivia, and Dhani traveled to Australia

June 8- George, Olivia, and Dhani attended Linda’s memorial service in London, England. Linda died on April 17, 1998 from breast cancer in Tucson, Arizona with Paul and their children at her side. Ringo and Barbara also attended the service.

May 24- George, Olivia, Ringo and Barbara attended the annual Chelsea Flower Show in London, England
June 2- George, Olivia, and Pattie attended Eric's 100 guitar collection at Christie's Charity auction
August- Dhani's 18th Birthday party- Pattie Boyd, with her boyfriend Rod Weston, attended
October 9- George, Olivia, and Dhani attended Ravi's concert at the Barbican Center in London
December 30- George and Olivia were attacked in the early hours of the morning. George and Olivia were admitted to Royal Berkshire Hospital. Dhani, home for the holidays from college, took care of the parents.

Unknown dates
-George and Olivia sent Pattie flowers after her car accident