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January 1- Olivia celebrated the New Year in California
March 4- Olivia attended Tribute to Peter Green concert
March 6- Olivia attended Benefit for Royal Marsden Hospital with Eric Clapton performing before traveling to.California.
March - May- Olivia was in California during the pandemic Covid-19 lockdown. During this time, Olivia's mother passed away of natural causes.
September 8- Olivia went to the Drive In Garden Party to see Steve Hardly & the Cockney Rebels
September - October- Olivia visited the Museum of Cycladic Arts and Caves of Diros in Athens, Greece

January- Olivia was affected by Covid-19 and was at the hospital in London. She recovered at home in Friar Park.
May 18- Olivia celebrated her birthday in Oklahoma
May 31- Her friends celebrated Olivia's birthday in California with a fiesta
July- Olivia traveled to Athens, Greece
July 11- Olivia attended Cartier's Style of Luxe in Goodwood with Dhani and Mereki
August 6- Olivia went to the living art installation by Ruth Davis at Duke of York Square to celebrate the 50th anniversary of George's All Things Must Pass album in London.
September 20- Olivia attended the Chelsea Flower Show with Mereki
October 1- Olivia attended the preview of Get Up, Stand Up: The Musical of Bob Marley at Lyric Theatre in London with producers Trish Wadley and Laurie Feig.
October 7- Steve Van Zandt visited Olivia in Friar Park