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“They've all been really supportive and I consider them all good friends.”

-Olivia Harrison-

“We're like an extended family”

-Dhani Harrison-

Cynthia Lennon-Charles John and Cynthia divorced in 1968, a few years before George met Olivia. It's not clear about their relationship as Cynthia stated that she hadn't seen George for many years before he died. Cynthia did released a statement after George's death, sending her sympathies "My love and condolences to Olivia and Dhani. I know his memory will give them immense strength and courage, the memory of a very special human being". In June 2006, Cynthia and Olivia were at the Cirque Du Soliel's The Beatles Love premiere with Paul, Yoko, Ringo, Barbara, Dhani, and Julian. Cynthia died in 2015 from cancer. Dhani and Olivia released a statement sending love and prayers to Julian.


Maureen Starkey-Tigrett George had a brief affair with Maureen when both marriages to Pattie and Ringo were on the rocks. Like Cynthia, there's not much known about Olivia's friendship with Maureen other then meeting one another in 1974 and they both attended the Natural Law Party in 1992 with their children. Dhani is good friends with Zak, Jason, and Lee. Maureen died in 1994 of leukemia.


Pattie Boyd Pattie was married to George in 1966 and were separated by the time when George met Olivia and became lovers in 1974 while Pattie started a relationship with Eric Clapton (who was good friends with George and wrote "Layla" while she was still married to George and refused to leave him). After Pattie and George officially divorced in 1977, two years later George and Olivia attended Eric and Pattie's wedding celebrations in London. Pattie remained good friends with George, a frequent visitor at their home in Friar Park. Pattie and Eric divorced in 1989 and remained friends. In 2006, Olivia stated that she and Pattie "We're good friends" and found solace in each other during the lost of George and Pattie's recent break up with long time boyfriend, Rod Weston. Rod and Pattie eventually got back together and married in 2015.


Linda McCartney Olivia and Linda met circa 1975 around the time when George and Olivia attended Wings' party for Venus and Mars. In the 1980s, Olivia enlisted Linda's help with the Romanian Angel Appeal (along with Yoko and Barbara). In 1998, Linda died from breast cancer. Olivia attended her memorial service in London.


Yoko Ono It's not clear when Olivia and Yoko first met. Olivia met John in 1974 while he was with May Pang. In 1984, Yoko traveled to England for the first time since 1973 with son Sean; Yoko later revealed that George invited her to his home during that time. After George's death in 2001, Yoko reached out to Olivia. Yoko attended the 2003 California premiere of Concert for George and they were seen at charity and award events arm in arm. Since 2000, teaming up with Paul and Ringo, George, Olivia, and Yoko developed Cirque Du Soleil's Love and in June of 2006, attended the opening premiere.


Barbara Bach-Starkey most likely the friendship of Cynthia and Maureen in the first generation of Beatle wives, Barbara and Olivia seem to be the closest. Olivia attended Barbara's wedding to Ringo in 1981. In the 1980s, Barbara took part of helping Olivia with the Romanian Angel Appeal (with Linda and Yoko supporting). Barbara and Olivia have often been spotted together many times at charity events, premieres, Chelsea Flower shows, and their personal social times.


Heather Mills Heather and Olivia met in 2000 when they, with George and Paul, traveled to Las Vegas, Nevada to see Cirque Du Soleil's "O". Paul and Heather married in 2002 and in 2003, attended the Los Angeles, California and London, England premieres of "Concert for George" before welcoming their daughter, Beatrice. In May of 2006, Paul and Heather announced their separation and were divorced in 2008, sharing custody of their daughter.


Nancy Shevell McCartney started to date Paul in 2007 during his divorce proceedings with Heather Mills. In 2008, Nancy accompanied Paul to George’s honor Hollywood Walk of Fame with Olivia and Dhani. In 2011, Nancy attended with Paul to the London premiere of Living in the Material World and Olivia attended Paul and Nancy's wedding on October 9, 2011.


May Pang and Olivia met in 1974 while George was on his US tour in New York City. May and John were together in late 1973 until early 1975.


Nancy Andrews dated Ringo from 1974 until 1979

note: Jane Asher is not included since she and Paul broke up in 1968 after five years together, before Olivia's time.